*If your courses have expired and want to continue being a part of the community for networking, learning and taking advantage of mastermind sessions, please subscribe below. There are no coaching calls with subscription.

Attracting Capital Subscriptions

  • Full Course Accessibility
  • Educational Videos
  • Course Material and Exams
  • Useful Resources
  • *Live Mastermind Sessions (Included)
Subscription contents

What's included?

Live Mastermind Sessions

Bi-Weekly live zoom mastermind sessions.


Participate in our online forum, share thoughts and ideas, increase connection, get help with your studies

Educational Videos, Course Material and Exams

In depth reading and video material. Access to quizzes as well, although you do not need to take them as you already completed it (just for knowledge base).

Useful Resources

We have a Best Resources section for you for when you take notes to refer back to. We also offer Pitch Deck Templates available for you to download and use (make sure you replace with your own images).
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