The ultimate Bundle

Attracting Capital
Movers and Shakers

  • 3 Coaching Calls
  • Custom Logo and Pitch Deck Design!
  • Full Course Accessibility
  • Educational Videos
  • Course Material and Exams
  • Live Mastermind Sessions 
  • Useful Resources
  • Bundle contents

    What's included?

    3 Coaching Calls

    We will do an in depth 1 on 1 coaching sessions with you. At the end of your course, we will have you present your pitch to us. We will provide constructive feedback as to how you can pitch with great confidence.

    Custom Logo and Pitch Deck Design

    We will design your brand logo as well as a pitch deck for you. This includes 2 logo concepts and 1 revision. 1 pith deck concept and 1 revision.

    Educational Videos

    We have produced easy to follow, quality training videos that doesn't make you fall asleep.

    Full Accessibility of Course Material & Exams

    Full accessibility of the portal of up to 12 months. We have reading material in which you have tools to take notes, highlight important content and refer back to them in your own Notebook under Best Resources. We also have quizzes most of the sections to better prepare you. 

    Useful Resources

    We have a Best Resources section for you for when you take notes to refer back to. We also offer Pitch Deck Templates available for you to download and use (make sure you replace with your own images).

    Live Mastermind Sessions & Guest Speaker Webinars

    We include this Bi-Weekly live zoom sessions for students to participate in discussing course material, deal offers, issues on what you might be facing, etc,. Also with this package you also have access to special guest speaker webinars.

    Here is what we will cover in
    this course

    Investment Strategy & Thesis

    An investment strategy is a plan for the investment.

    Pitch Deck & Components

    A pitch deck acts as a tool for presenting your business idea and vision.

    Marketing and Branding

    Set you company apart from the others.

    Investor Avatar

    Setting your target investors for raising desired amount of investments.


    Critical for establishing your brand and business for it allows meaningful contacts.

    Investor Funnel

    Marketing framework that businesses use to attract potential investors.

    The Pitch

    Creating a compelling pitch in your presentation to investors.
    The Ultimate Bundle

    Attracting Capital
    Movers and Shakers

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